Beats Solo2 Headphones (White) | Beats by Dre
Beats Solo2 Headphones (White) | Beats by Dre Beats Solo2 Headphones (White) | Beats by Dre Beats Solo2 Headphones (White) | Beats by Dre Beats Solo2 Headphones (White) | Beats by Dre Beats Solo2 Headphones (White) | Beats by Dre Beats Solo2 Headphones (White) | Beats by Dre

Beats Solo2 Headphones (White) | Beats by Dre

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On nevertheless Dave Sanborn R&B, locations was time for our socks to be knocked off. While the highs the phones can reproduce are near-perfect, it's the bass that elicits the astonished gasps from all who listen to the Tunes. We heard things we've never heard before, even a good excellent music. One impressive feat of which phones: They're extremely High volume. We like to crank the iPhone's volume up to 11, as well as the Beats seem happy to oblige, playing it clean all approach up.

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The tuning of these headphones cause them so well received that. You get an almost subwoofer effect obtainable ear attaches. When you are somebody who is particular during the minutest details, then you would want to Beats by Dre Outlet Online choose these headphones. However, you cannot feel that possibly they are balanced.

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Along while using the Monster Beats headphones are various accessories in the trademark red and black packaging: two 3.5mm, 4-ft. cables-one red especially intended for MP3 players and one black with mic made for mp3-enabled phones; a travel case with attached carabiner; a plane adapter one more (quarter-inch) adapter for your own house sounds system; an especially-made cleaning cloth for the headphones; and AAA electrical batteries.